To Avoid Mistakes While Choosing Wallpaper Color

Are you going to enhance the décor of your home with the help of wallpaper installation in Melbourne? If your answer is YES, you must be confused about which design or colours of wallpaper would be best for your room.
In your mind, having such kind of questions is totally natural and once you are about to make such an enormous change in your room, it should be remain same for an extended period of time. However, there are many mistakes, folks make while choosing the colour of wallpaper for their rooms; Make sure that you don’t make such mistakes while installing wallpaper. Read the below-mentioned mistakes and its solutions.

1. Treating Colour & its Tone as One
Colour & tone may appear as colours which are just a hue for eyes. However, there is an enormous difference between a colour and its tone. For example, every key colour has three kinds of tones, namely calm tone, warm tone and neutral tone. That means a selected colour may appear different in several lightening conditions i.e., in sunlight or under the light of a bulb. That’s why you need to check the colour of your selected wallpaper under various lightening situations and decide whether it is proper colour for your walls or not.

2. Excessive bright colours
Most of the people would like to go for bright shades when choosing colours for their home décor. However, you need to avoid extra bright colours because it gets dirtier in short span of time and it might be challenging to match them with the furniture and other articles of the house; still, if you want to go for bright colours, try and pick a pastel or a softer shade.

3. Small area for sample
Never try for a sample on a small area and use similar for the wallpaper installation; by applying such kind of testing, will lead you confused about the appearance of wallpaper’s colour and texture on the wall after approving it. Thus, try and picture the colour on an oversized wall and the way it complements the space – use your Imagination instead.

4. Choosing seasonal colour
You might want to decide on a particular colour which matches with the season, however, are you confident that you will like the same intensity when the season change? Go seasonal only if you’re 100% sure that you won’t get bore with the chosen colour; or if you are willing to apply a new wallpaper on walls after season ends.

5. Forgetting the ground
While choosing a wallpaper colour, don’t neglect the very fact that it must complement the colour of your floor too.

So avoid the above mistakes, while choosing a wallpaper colour. Also, ensure to contact a professional, home wallpaper installation in Melbourne to ease the wallpaper installation process.

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