How To Confirm A Successful Wallpaper Installation?

Do you want to install new wallpapers on your walls assisted by personalized wallpaper installers in Melbourne or, are you excited about doing it all by yourself, but not so sure – how to do it properly? Regardless of what you select, there are many points to keep in mind before covering your walls with the new wallpapers.

Here are several useful tips which are required to be taken care of before installing new wallpapers.


A number of the preparations are: –

  • During the wallpaper installation process, you do not just need to prepare your walls but surrounding areas as well.
  • Strip off the applied wallpaper, if any with the help of a stripping solution, wallpaper steamer, or combination of both components as needed in the current situation.
  • With the help of sandpaper, smooth walls, if they’re not stable enough. Besides, use fillers, in areas of the walls which have cracks or holes in it.
  • Clean the walls with soap and water solution to confirm there aren’t any accumulation of dust or similar particles which can create trouble in installing in wallpaper. Also, remember to let the wall completely dry before you proceed further with the renovation of walls.
  • You must apply primer first on your drywall before the installation of wallpapers. It will slow the soaking timing of adhesive, so you can adjust wallpaper if something in adjustment and alignment goes wrong and also it will keep your drywall safe.


During the preparation of walls, you must move aside all the things that make walls occupy. Like photo frames, paintings, wall clock, statue, furniture etc. Something that can’t move like a socket, switchboards, TV wall mount etc. will be covered using standard tape so it can quickly remove afterwards.


Successful wallpaper installation requires proper tools and equipment. The most common tools and equipment that you would need during the method of wallpaper installation are: –

  • A large table to spread wallpaper and apply adhesive,
  • A specific wallpaper cutter and brush,
  • Well-built ladder,
  • Spirit-levelling device,
  • Measuring tape and
  • Some more helping hands to save time.


If you have measured your walls, do it again. There’s no harm in cross-checking the measurements because wallpaper installation may be a highly-tedious job and you won’t prefer to do it again if something goes wrong during the first time.

Pay heed to instructions

Follow the instructions given on any materials that you are only going to use while installing wallpapers. Acting consistently with the rules will undoubtedly offer you the desired outcomes.


So, use the above tips before attempting the wallpaper installation task on your own. To confirm your wallpaper installation becomes successful, it’s best to contact a professional – wallpaper installers in Melbourne.

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