Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance would I have to book the wallpaper installation service?

We always request our client to book the professional wallpaper installation service 24-48 hours in advance so that work gets completed on time and there is no delay.

I would like to change the date when the wallpaper installation was scheduled. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible but do let us know in advance about the same.

How long would it take you to install the wallpaper?

Generally wallpaper installation takes approx 2-3 hours. Also, our professionals will always give you the right estimate as in how much time will the service get completed.

How long does it take for wallpaper or wall murals to completely dry?

It usually takes around 1-2 days for wallpaper or wall mural to be semi-dry and around a week to completely dry. Avoid touching the walls immediately after installation.

Will I have to purchase the wallpaper myself or do you provide the same?

It’s all depends on the client. You will request for wallpaper installation service only. We also provide a good variety of wallpapers as well. Our specialists can show you the designs catalog to select from and we install wallpaper on your wall cleanly.

What is the best starting point in a room to begin my wallpaper installation?

During wallpaper installation for home or wallpaper installation for office, the main thing to keep in mind is the fact that the best place for starting wallpaper installation is a corner that is close to the entrance of the room.

What do I do if I have a sloping wall or a wall that isn’t square or rectangle?

In such a scenario, the tallest and widest parts of the wall need to be measured in order to obtain the height and width values. After that is obtained, we can cut away at the excessive wallpaper from the required shape.

Can a new wallpaper be installed over an existing one?

Technically, it is not advised as it might affect the final look and durability of the new wallpaper installed. However, it can be done if the wallpaper at the bottom is securely installed and if the right color combination is used.

Can wallpaper be installed in a bathroom with high moisture content?

With little precautions wallpaper can be installed in an area with a high moisture content.
– If you want to install it in your bathroom then wallpaper needs to be coated with water-based polyurethane in order to make it water-resistant.
– You can use an adhesive which is used to kill moulds in order to prevent the moisture from flowing into your wallpaper.

My wall does not have a plain surface. Can the wallpaper be installed on it?

No, the wallpaper can only be installed on the wall with an absolutely flat or smooth surface to avoid bumps and to achieve a perfect finish.

What is the difference between Primer and Sizing? And do I need them?

Yes, you would need them both to protect your walls. Primer is a protector/sealer for your walls, which prevents the paste from absorbing in the surface whereas Sizing provides additional grip for better adherence and more slip for ease of sliding each strip into the position of the wall.

What kind of material you use for printing the wallpaper?

Our professionals use high quality PVC free material which is eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to kids and others at home.