Wallpaper Installation That Can Make Your Festivities Come Alive

Every festival in Melbourne have a lively atmosphere with vibrant colours. All the people like to have magical festive feelings throughout the day. To capture great moments of festive, they like to decorate the home walls with wallpaper installation in Melbourne.

Decorating the interior of the home like walls add great charm and make the home attractive. It is like filing beautiful clothes into the wardrobe. People are now focusing more on the interior decoration of the house.

Here, we have mentioned some bestselling wallpaper that you can install in your house to make your festivities come alive.

Geometrically Modern Wallpaper

After spending a good day outside with near and dear ones, it would not be easy to sleep with festive feeling intact. This is what radically shaped wallpaper is all about. 

This wallpaper ensures that your love for festive never comes to an end, if you have Geometrically Contemporary wallpaper installation in Melbourne. This is one of the most loved wallpaper that you can have inside the bedroom.

Victorian-design Flowery Wallpaper

These wallpapers are designed in such a way that they perfectly provide the feeling of celebration. Every festival in Melbourne is celebrated with love. 

And this is main reason why people preferred to use this wallpaper to decorate the interior of the home. Only wallpaper installers in Melbourne can perfectly renovate the home walls during the festive season.

Modern Leafy specifying wallpaper

The flower fragrance often fills out nostrils with the flavour of upcoming festivities. The feeling with this is irresistible due to which people of Melbourne like to capture this feeling onto their home walls. 

The while flower design is a perfect representation of magical festive feeling. During festive seasons we all like to have fun. The latest wallpaper designs have been another way to have fun with the unending flavour of festivals. 

At last, wallpaper is best way to revamp the rooms and decorate the interior of homes during festive seasons. Now, the idea of decorating the Melbourne homes with lights is fading with time, as people have more options for wallpaper installation in Melbourne to giving an appealing look in the rooms.

To Avoid Mistakes While Choosing Wallpaper Color

Are you going to enhance the décor of your home with the help of wallpaper installation in Melbourne? If your answer is YES, you must be confused about which design or colours of wallpaper would be best for your room.
In your mind, having such kind of questions is totally natural and once you are about to make such an enormous change in your room, it should be remain same for an extended period of time. However, there are many mistakes, folks make while choosing the colour of wallpaper for their rooms; Make sure that you don’t make such mistakes while installing wallpaper. Read the below-mentioned mistakes and its solutions.

1. Treating Colour & its Tone as One
Colour & tone may appear as colours which are just a hue for eyes. However, there is an enormous difference between a colour and its tone. For example, every key colour has three kinds of tones, namely calm tone, warm tone and neutral tone. That means a selected colour may appear different in several lightening conditions i.e., in sunlight or under the light of a bulb. That’s why you need to check the colour of your selected wallpaper under various lightening situations and decide whether it is proper colour for your walls or not.

2. Excessive bright colours
Most of the people would like to go for bright shades when choosing colours for their home décor. However, you need to avoid extra bright colours because it gets dirtier in short span of time and it might be challenging to match them with the furniture and other articles of the house; still, if you want to go for bright colours, try and pick a pastel or a softer shade.

3. Small area for sample
Never try for a sample on a small area and use similar for the wallpaper installation; by applying such kind of testing, will lead you confused about the appearance of wallpaper’s colour and texture on the wall after approving it. Thus, try and picture the colour on an oversized wall and the way it complements the space – use your Imagination instead.

4. Choosing seasonal colour
You might want to decide on a particular colour which matches with the season, however, are you confident that you will like the same intensity when the season change? Go seasonal only if you’re 100% sure that you won’t get bore with the chosen colour; or if you are willing to apply a new wallpaper on walls after season ends.

5. Forgetting the ground
While choosing a wallpaper colour, don’t neglect the very fact that it must complement the colour of your floor too.

So avoid the above mistakes, while choosing a wallpaper colour. Also, ensure to contact a professional, home wallpaper installation in Melbourne to ease the wallpaper installation process.

Wallpapers Installation – The Proper Way to Personalize Your Home

Are you excited about making your home more beautiful than before in a remarkable way and wondering how? Dump the old-school painting and avail the service of wallpaper installation in Melbourne.

Nowadays, every other person wants their home to appear ecstatic and appealing to the eyes of the viewer. That’s why they need wallpaper installation instead of painting their walls.

Advantages of Installing Wallpaper

There are many advantages of using wallpaper on your walls rather than traditional painting.

  • It helps to cover the imperfections and blemishes of walls by enhancing its overall appearance.
  • The design and colour of top-quality wallpapers don’t fade away and stay radiant for a more extended period of your time.
  • It provides you with the chance to reflect your personality or style on the walls. But how to make sure that your wallpaper installation has completed successfully?

To make sure that your wallpaper will install with perfection, you need to go through the following points:

Professional or Do-it-yourself

 First of all, you need to choose either you’re going to carry out the wallpaper installation task on your own, or you need an expert to do it for you. If you would like to DIY, then you need to bear in mind of the fact that wallpaper installation requires plenty of patience and dedication. You also have to be very attentive while doing a proper installation as a small mistake can ruin your whole wall.

If you think that hiring an expert will cost you more, then you should also consider what quantity of cash you’ll spend, if just in case, you fail to install a wallpaper on your wall and need to remove it and buy a brand new one all over again? So, it would be a better choice to hire an expert instead of doing it on your own.

Choose a Design for Wallpaper

 Planned in your mind to enhance the appearance of your walls with the assistance of wallpapers, don’t hesitate to look for the most effective and stylish design which suits your taste and reflects your persona. For example, if you wish to put wallpaper in your bedroom, you’ll choose a soothing design which gives a feeling of relaxation to your mind after having a busy, stressful day. However, if you want to place the wallpaper in the children’s room, you must consider more vibrant designs. That’s why, ensure that you check out samples from various categories like traditional, graphic, bold, classic, and plenty of more.

The Takeaway

Now you have understood the concept of wallpaper installation, so make sure to hire the professional wallpaper installers services in Melbourne, as they’re going to perform the complete wallpaper installation perfectly and smoothly.

How To Confirm A Successful Wallpaper Installation?

Do you want to install new wallpapers on your walls assisted by personalized wallpaper installers in Melbourne or, are you excited about doing it all by yourself, but not so sure – how to do it properly? Regardless of what you select, there are many points to keep in mind before covering your walls with the new wallpapers.

Here are several useful tips which are required to be taken care of before installing new wallpapers.


A number of the preparations are: –

  • During the wallpaper installation process, you do not just need to prepare your walls but surrounding areas as well.
  • Strip off the applied wallpaper, if any with the help of a stripping solution, wallpaper steamer, or combination of both components as needed in the current situation.
  • With the help of sandpaper, smooth walls, if they’re not stable enough. Besides, use fillers, in areas of the walls which have cracks or holes in it.
  • Clean the walls with soap and water solution to confirm there aren’t any accumulation of dust or similar particles which can create trouble in installing in wallpaper. Also, remember to let the wall completely dry before you proceed further with the renovation of walls.
  • You must apply primer first on your drywall before the installation of wallpapers. It will slow the soaking timing of adhesive, so you can adjust wallpaper if something in adjustment and alignment goes wrong and also it will keep your drywall safe.


During the preparation of walls, you must move aside all the things that make walls occupy. Like photo frames, paintings, wall clock, statue, furniture etc. Something that can’t move like a socket, switchboards, TV wall mount etc. will be covered using standard tape so it can quickly remove afterwards.


Successful wallpaper installation requires proper tools and equipment. The most common tools and equipment that you would need during the method of wallpaper installation are: –

  • A large table to spread wallpaper and apply adhesive,
  • A specific wallpaper cutter and brush,
  • Well-built ladder,
  • Spirit-levelling device,
  • Measuring tape and
  • Some more helping hands to save time.


If you have measured your walls, do it again. There’s no harm in cross-checking the measurements because wallpaper installation may be a highly-tedious job and you won’t prefer to do it again if something goes wrong during the first time.

Pay heed to instructions

Follow the instructions given on any materials that you are only going to use while installing wallpapers. Acting consistently with the rules will undoubtedly offer you the desired outcomes.


So, use the above tips before attempting the wallpaper installation task on your own. To confirm your wallpaper installation becomes successful, it’s best to contact a professional – wallpaper installers in Melbourne.